Battle for Texas

Battle for Texas is a special exhibition event at Texas Showdown, showcasing Texas' top fighters in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Three man teams representing each region will battle it out to determine the best in Texas!

Regions: Rules:

During the exhibition, each member will have their character locked for the entirety of the tournament. Choose wisely! We will be utilizing Team Battle mode through out the event.

Preliminaries will consist of Round Robin. A win is counted when all members of the opposing team have been eliminated. Top 4 teams in Round Robin will move to the semifinal round and will be seeded according to record.

Tiebreaker rules: Semifinals: Top 4 teams will be seeded according to record, and becomes a single elimination tournament. Winning team gets $300!

Hunt for the Dragon Balls

As a token of appreciation for Dragon Ball FighterZ, we're adding a fun little subevent to the DBFZ tournament!

Cosplay Contest

We know that cosplay is part of the FGC culture, so we're proud to offer our first Cosplay contest! Hosted by Lana Marie, we will be awarding $250 to the best costume at Texas Showdown 2018.