What is Texas Showdown?
Texas Showdown is one of the oldest Fighting Game tournaments in the United States and is primarily located in Houston, Texas.

When and where is Texas Showdown?
Texas Showdown is primarily located in Houston, Texas and is usually held in late April or early May.

When does registration begin for Texas Showdown?
Registration is currently ongoing.

Which airport do I fly into?
Houston is served by two airports, Houston Hobby and Bush Intercontinental Airport. It is your choice in which airport to fly into, each is roughly the same distance to the venue.

What consoles will Texas Showdown be using?
Consoles used: Playstation 4, XBox One, arcade (Super Turbo, possibly 3rd Strike). Keep an eye out for the year's featured tournament list!

What monitors will Texas Showdown be using?
Stay tuned!

I'm not playing in any of the events. Do I have to pay a spectator fee?
We will be charging a reasonable spectator fee if you are not participating in any of the tournaments.

I was not able to register online before the deadline. What can I do?
We have not determined if we will take onsite registrations for 2017 as of yet. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for any future announcements!

Will there be space for casual setups?
We will have a BYOC area available throughout the tournament dedicated for casual play.

Will I be able to take pictures or film video?
You will be able to take pictures and record videos of the event itself at your own leisure. Filming video of streamed matches is not allowed. If clarification is needed, contact any staff member throughout the weekend.

I'm running late for my pool(s). Will you guys wait for me?
NO. All the pools for a particular game will be running at the same time. The schedule will be posted on the website, facebook page, and the appropriate SRK thread, and will have a copy onsite. You really have no excuse. When your name is called, you have only five(5) minutes to report to your match. Failure to appear after those 5 minutes will result in a loss. Absolutely no exceptions! And no crying about it!