Where to Watch

Texas Showdown 2023 will have five streams covering all 20 fighting games throughout the weekend. All streams are on Twitch. Here's where you can watch:

  • HXC Gaming

    HXC Gaming

    HXC Gaming is a tournament organization that host esports events across the region. HXC Gaming provides event organization, tourney refs, equipment, and streaming services.

  • Tampa Never Sleeps

    Tampa Never Sleeps

    Fighting game "content creator." Trash talk extraordinaire. Keeping you up past your bedtime. Currently playing Marvel, Guilty Gear, DNF, KOF, and more. Sometimes, we play other games. Watch VODs for FREE at https://youtube.com/tampaneversleeps

  • Texas Shottakers

    Texas Shottakers

    Some guys from Texas streaming Big Buck Hunter and old man games.

  • Tourney Locator

    Tourney Locator

    This is the official Twitch account of Tourney Locator, where you will find streams from official Tourney Locator events! www.tourneylocator.com!

  • TX Showdown Live!

    TX Showdown Live!

    The official stream for Texas Showdown.