About Us

Texas Showdown is the largest fighting game tournament in Texas. Established in 2000, Texas Showdown is also one of the oldest fighting game tournaments in the country. The tournament was originally catered to people in the Texas community and surrounding states but grew into an event that people from all over the country would all enjoy. From its original arcade roots at the University of Houston, to Austin for SXSW, to the famed Stargate arcade, and as a part of Anime Matsuri, Texas Showdown has always set the tournament standard in Texas. Held over 3 days during a weekend in the spring, non-stop Fighting game action and competition can be found throughout the weekend.

Our Team

Javier Moreno (Event Director and Programming) @JaviSRK - Email: javi@txshowdown.com

Chris Chou (Tournament Director and Logistics) @Ranma0005

Jason Williams (Marketing Director and Tournament Logistics) - Email: jason@txshowdown.com

David Tran (Director of Staff) @shindavid07

Alexander Ho (Marketing and Administration) @Ho_Factor - Email: alex@txshowdown.com

Antoine Dominic Davis (Event Administrator and Logistics) @ruronikage

Linda Jaramillo (Media Liaison) @lindiejar

Gavin Anthony (Web Dev. and Programming) @gavineanthony

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