Texas Showdown 2024 Official Game List

Here is the game roster for Texas Showdown 2024. On each card you will see each game and its respective rules. Entry fee for each game is $15.

Rules for all games:

  • Be aware that you may be put into a Friday pool for a game that runs on multiple days.
  • Tournament format is Double Elimination.
  • Unless otherwise specified, a game is best of 3 rounds.
  • Unless otherwise specified, a match is best of 3 games.
  • A match is best of 5 games during winners finals, losers finals and grand finals.
  • Winner of a game must keep the same character(s).
  • Loser of a game may switch character(s).
  • Random stage select unless specified below. Players may opt for a stage that is mutually agreed upon.
  • Any DLC (characters or teams) released within 2 weeks of the event is not eligible for play.
  • 1P/2P sides are usually decided by the judge before a match begins. Players may choose to pick a side, if they choose to do so they may do so via rock/paper/scissors or a coin flip.
  • Losing player may switch sides if requested.