Player's Guide

Competitor’s Guide on Getting Situated at Texas Showdown 2022!

Whether it be your first or 50th FGC event, we here at Texas Showdown want to ensure you on how to get situated at our event, as we want to make sure no attendee is ever left in the dark when they arrive here every year. Below is a good primer for those that aren’t too familiar with how we handle the check-in process when you arrive:

  1. Make a account and fill in the appropriate information if you haven’t already! Having an account and it being a verified account will make it easier for our volunteers, staff, and yourself to locate and find you for matches during Pool Play.
  2. Whether it’s on email or at your registration page on it will have a QR Code on it. Make sure you show that QR code for our Registration Team to scan to expedite the Check-In Process!(see pic below)
    Players Guide
  3. Now for the fun part! Mask up at all times once you arrive at the parking garage and head into the Hilton Post Oak Hotel (for your protection and for everyone else!), grab your essentials:
    • Vaccination Card or negative COVID-19 PCR test results
    • Typical personal effects you bring to offline FGC events
    • Your fighting game peripheral of choice, it’s going to be Bring Your Own Controller/Fightstick/Hitbox, Steering Wheel, etc. - so make sure you bring that!
    Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the weekend (it’s hot out here in Houston!), and head towards our lovely venue with a clear head, and enjoy the weekend ahead of you that is TXS22!
  4. To head towards the Registration Desk at the venue, you’ll want to head towards the main area of where we’ll be at - look for stanchions and signage leading you to the Forum area, and you’ll see Registration signage, and our lovely staff members who are front and center waiting for you after you get checked by Security. Have your Vaccination Card OR negative PCR test results readily available, as it will always speed up the Registration process for everyone when we verify the information on it. Be sure to buy some of our lovely merch while you’re at it. Be sure to grab some REALLY limited merch like our TXS Astro City Waifu shirt, the return of our TXS poster, our raglan, hoodie, joggers - basically ALL sorts of neat things!
  5. Once your QR Code gets scanned and you’re checked-in, log into your account to find out exactly what Wave you’re in as well as the exact Pool you’re in (if applicable). This is by far THE best way to figure out exactly where and when you’ll be playing the games you registered for at our event.
  6. If you’re registering on-site (for the games that allow it), be sure to provide the correct information to the Registration Staff (full name, email, etc.) - doing this helps you out in the long-run for future FGC events as well and you’ll be able to see where you are in a given tournament bracket and so forth.
  7. This is very, very important! Make sure you report to the TXS Judge in-charge of the pool and/or bracket you’re competing in! A good idea would be to show up roughly 10 minutes or so prior to the scheduled start time to get familiarized with that Judge and check-in with them physically as well. To avoid getting any unnecessary DQs, make sure you hang out in the vicinity of the bracket runner. This applies to check-in, accurately recording match results (ideally the Winner reports to the Judge), and to notify them of any issues should they arise.
  8. Most importantly, be courteous of others - this goes for the staff, vendors, and fellow attendees as well! Be excellent to one another, and if you see something, say something! The TXS Staff and Volunteers will work their best to get it sorted as best as we can.