Disclaimer: Tournament and streaming schedule is subject to change.

A preliminary is also available at Google Sheets.

Friday, May 4:

1PM: Doors open
1PM - 9PM: Onsite Registration
5PM: Street Fighter V (CPT) Pools 1-4
6PM: Dragon Ball FighterZ Pools 1-4, Under Night in Birth EXE Late[st]
7PM: SFV Pools 5-8, Vampire Savior, King of Fighters 14
8PM: Dragon Ball FighterZ Pools 5-8, Super Street Fighter II Turbo (2v2), Street Fighter 3rd Strike
9PM: Street Fighter V Exhibition - Battle for Texas (Texas only, 3v3)

Saturday, May 5:

9AM: Doors open 10AM - 12PM: Street Fighter V Pools 9-12
12PM - 2PM: Street Fighter V Pools 13-16
6PM - 8PM: Street Fighter V Top 32

10AM - 12PM: Dragon Ball FighterZ Pools 9-12
12PM - 2PM: Dragon Ball FighterZ Pools 13-16
4PM - 6PM: Dragon Ball FighterZ Top 32

12PM - 2PM: TEKKEN 7 Pools 1-4
2PM - 4PM: TEKKEN 7 Pools 5-8
6PM - 8PM: TEKKEN 7 Top 32

2PM - 4PM: Guilty Gear Xrd 2nd Rev Pool Play

3PM - 6PM: Killer Instinct Pool Play
8PM - 10PM: Killer Instinct Top 8

4PM - 7PM: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Pool Play

3PM - 7PM: Capcom vs. SNK 2
4PM - 7PM: Injustice Pools
8PM - 10PM: Injustice 2 Top 8 >

6PM - 9PM: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Singles)
9PM - 10PM: Super Turbo Top 4

3PM - 6PM: Windjammers

Sunday, May 6:

To be determined by registration numbers
Streaming Schedule coming soon!