Texas Showdown 2019 Registration

Note that there are no refunds at the seeding or onsite phase of the event. The ongoing safety of our attendees at Texas Showdown 2019 is a priority, and we will be implementing bag checks and metal detectors throughout the event. It does mean a rise in the cost of registration, but we believe that safety is paramount. When you finalize registration you will be directed to the payment page. Registration is considered as complete when you receive your emailed receipt. There are currently three levels of registration:

Emergency Registration will be available onsite on Friday, May 10th for $90. Registration times are from 1-9PM. However, take note of the cutoff times as several tournaments do start on Friday:

There will be no seeding onsite - you will be randomly placed. Check with smash.gg to make sure what time you are playing.

If you are looking for Spectator Passes, they will be sold onsite during the event. It is $40 for all three days, $20 for Sunday only.

In addition, due to the amount of tournaments and anticipated attendance in 2019, we will be running friday pools for certain games. Please take this info into consideration when making your travel plans for Texas Showdown.

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