Texas Showdown 2023 Vendor List

We're proud to bring to you our wonderful lineup of Artists and Vendors for Texas Showdown 2023. Like everything else, no event is complete without them. Be sure to check out their prints, wares, and more throughout #TXS23 and even get a primer beforehand by visiting their websites below!

  • Cinamuffins


    Cinamuffins got one of his first tables at TXS 2018 and has been happy to be here ever since. His work shows off thick lines and even bolder personalities with vibrant colors and wild expression. FGC art is his bread and butter, as many fighting games the community rallies around are represented in his art in the form of Prints, Waterproof Stickers, and Pins. He loves exploring many games and communities to reflect the passion players have for their own games in his own work.

  • Doji Deluxe

    Doji Deluxe

    Illustrator who has a wide variety of fighting game centric products! From stickers & prints to charms & homemade candles, and even playmats/mousepads!

  • Dreamercorp


    We have your favorite Fighting Game Characters in the style of CvS2

  • Eunniverse


    I’ve always loved creating worlds, telling stories, and just making people laugh, especially through comics.

  • Jasmen Rice

    Jasmen Rice

    I'm a Perler/fuse bead artist that mainly makes portrait size pieces based on anime, comics, and video games!

  • KentaroPJJ


    The artist behind our {redacted} design for 2023!

  • Lazy Nerds Design

    Lazy Nerds Design

    Lazy Nerds is a gaming and anime inspired streetwear brand based out of Baton Rouge Louisiana. We specialize in embroidered and screen printed items like hats, denim jackets, shirts, hoodies, shorts, and etc.

  • Lexiipantz


    Lexiipantz is a Florida-based freelance artist who specializes in the creation of high quality, handmade plush of your favorite characters!

  • Limpachi


    Prints, stationary, and keychains of your favorite fighters, anime, and other video game series!! If you like cute art, I gotchu

  • Moneco Arts

    Moneco Arts

    I sell artwork of things I love and am inspired by. I also sell my own trading cards also.

  • MTSugarr


    happiness & simplicity - Specializing in mainly a line-less style | Simplicity with a hint of happiness. Guaranteed the best quality stickers, cutest designs, and brightest of smiles!

  • Nudrawbes


    Nudrawbes is an Argentina-born, Dallas based cartoonist, specializing in comics, characters, and fighting game art as well as Stickers, Prints, and Commissions, all channeling the energy of late 90s, early 00s anime, video games, and aesthetics. We plan to grow our brand and expand our products on our brand new online store at Nudrawbes.com. , We are found on Instagram and Twitter @nudrawbes as well as email nudrawbes@gmail.com.

  • Raindropsndew


    Illustrative works celebrating awesome characters and series across fighting games, general gaming and anime. Artworks made into stickers, posters and accessories!

  • SaigaDOS


    We are SaigaDOS, an artist duo with passion for Arcade Culture and everything in between! We create art and merch to celebrate the history of Arcades as well as the various gaming scenes and genres, with a specialty in Fighting & Rhythm Games. The arcade kicks your ass!

  • Saltamiya


    Saltamiya is a FGC artist who is drawing every fighting game character in every outfit! Her products include homemade stickers, hand-cut and sewn pillows, hand-cut and sewn shirts, keychains, and homemade buttons!

  • Shoshin_Arts


    I sell various sized prints, stickers, buttons, metal prints, fightstick layouts, and on site custom commissions.

  • SpaceDey


    SpaceDey's goal is to share her favorite fandom through her notorious colorful lens and bring illustrations that stimulate smiles & warmth to fans!

  • SPIF


    SPIF is a retro, nostalgia, and pop culture-inspired lifestyle brand based out of HTX. With a focus on making unique products within the gaming and anime spheres, there's a little something for everyone.

  • tetocco


    Selling keychains, prints, and pillowcases. Mostly drawing fashionable girls and hot guys.

  • Tofu_Sauce


    Selling Fighting Game Related Artwork in forms such as stickers, keychains and prints

  • Wavechan


    I turn fighting game characters into cats and cute chibis!

  • Zukululuu


    Prints, charms, and stickers of buff anime and gaming series girls