Texas Showdown 6

3/10/2006 - 3/12/2006
University of Houston
Houston, TX

Texas Showdown 5 was widely considered by many in the fighting game community to be one of the best tournaments ever. The event was the first partnership between fighting games and Major League Gaming. This was also the first time Japanese players were invited to Showdown, thanks to generous donations from our players. Another first was the inclusion of SBO qualifiers held at our event for the first time. Almost every tournament held broke a previous record for most attendants per event. In addition to the numbers from Smash Bros, Halo 2, and Tekken 5, the event broke all of our previous records by having over 1000 people in the venue. With a full complement players from both East and West coasts, all going head to head against the best Texas had to offer, made for a most memorable event which cumulated with our showcased final 8 on stage.


Capcom vs SNK 2

1st ComboFiend
2nd Nestor
3rd John Choi
4th Alex Valle
5th Jason Cole
5th SmoothCat
7th Ed Ma
7th JeRon

Fist of the North Star

1st Jan Del Rio
2nd Magneto-X
3rd Fubarduck

Guilty Gear Reload

1st Alex G
2nd KJunk
3rd FlashMetroid
4th David Hem
5th Chaz
5th ComboFiend
7th Chaotic Blue
7th Marneto

Guilty Gear Slash

1st Kensou
2nd FlashMetroid
3rd Chaotic Blue

King of Fighters XI

1st The Answer
2nd David Hem
3rd Jose Acosta

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st Josh Wigfall
2nd Isaac Graham
3rd ComboFiend
4th Magneto-X
5th Ruin
5th Vegita-X
7th Joe Reyna
7th Carnevil

Samurai Shodown Tenka

1st Fubarduck
2nd David Hem
3rd Jose Acosta

Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike

1st Alex Valle
2nd Mopreme
3rd David Hem
4th Fubarduck
5th ComboFiend
5th Starboy
7th Jason Cole
7th ZeroG

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

1st John Choi
2nd Jason Cole
3rd Alex Valle
4th JumpSuitJesse
5th JeRon
5th Brian Tyson
7th Darkside Phil
7th Dreamfire

Tekken DR

1st Crow
2nd Vick
3rd David Hem

Tekken 5

1st Crow
2nd Vick
3rd Mucha Lucha
4th DJ Kor