Showdown Championships 2007

4/27/2007 - 4/28/2007
George R Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX

This was the first year that Texas Showdown officially became Showdown Championships. It was also the inaugural year for Anime Matsuri. Among the festivities were qualifying spots for the SBO qualifiers being held at Planet Zero later that year. In celebration of that, Japanese players were invited as special guests for the event. Among them were previous and current SBO champions and participants. After a hard fought tournament, the final battle was held on stage in front of thousands of spectators during the main events. In the end, the players from Japan won.


Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st Place - Power-DN/Carnevil/Magneto-X
2nd Place - Joey Hernandez/Total Toanage/Buckethead
3rd Place - Luis/The American Dream/Ron-O

Capcom vs SNK 2

1st Place - BAS
2nd Place - Tokido
3rd Place - Buktooth

Melty Blood Act Cadenza vB

1st Place - Team Japan 1 - Ruu/Mint
2nd Place - Team Bloody Tuna Melt - Zar/Sp00ky
3rd Place - Team Japan 2 - Nuki/Tokido

Arcana Heart Full!

1st Place - Team Japan - Ruu/Mint
2nd Place - Team ATXCTF - Marn/Arturo
3rd Place - Team Random Kill – Ranma0005/Crow

Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike

1st Place - Team Japan - Tokido/Issei/Nuki
2nd Place - Team Austin - Hsien/Mopreme/Fubarduck
3rd Place - Team Upset - The American Dream/Buckethead/Ron-O

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

1st Place - Team Japan - Mainstreet Ryu Jr/Taizo/Matador
2nd Place - Team Bronson - Rich/DJ Kor/Bronson Tran
3rd Place - Team Tekken Strikes - Slim/Vick/Crow

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

1st Place - Team Japan - BAS/Ruu/Mint
2nd Place - Team Stargate - Fubarduck/Marn/Jan
3rd Place - Team All Day 4 Free - Big Bryan/R0B0T/Kensou