Showdown Championships 2008

3/21/2008 - 3/22/2008
Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center
Houston, TX

The event was showcased at the Woodlands Marriott Waterway Hotel and Convention Center for the second Anime Matsuri convention. With an improved venue and an increase in attendance both at the event and the convention, the grand finals held during the main event was held before an even larger audience than the previous year.


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

1st Raekwon/Zinac/Jais
2nd Kensou/Jan Del Rio/Fubarduck
3rd Latiff/Pozerwolf/Faulty Defense
4th R0B0T/[-_-]/Maniak
5th Big Bryan/FiareFox/Tirian
5th Chetan/Josh Del Rio/Tarzan
5th Ron-O/Nick/Big Chris
5th KenMastersX/Leonard/DoomScyther

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st Justin Wong
2nd Ron-O
3rd Jumpy
4th Jake
5th Alex G
5th Tin
7th JoJo
7th FlashMetroid

Melty Blood Act Cadenza V.B2

1st Xianoir/Kurii
2nd Fubarduck/KenMastersX
3rd Justin Wong/Alex G
4th Suavion/Tarzan
5th JBO/Goggles

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

1st Fubarduck/Justin Wong/Marneto
2nd Emphy/Crow/AzNhItLeR
3rd Dictator/[-_-]/Chris Dat
4th Vineet/Jose/Ben
5th Zinac/Raekwon/Jais
5th SlimDaddyGT/Faulty Defense/KenMastersX
5th Nmbr1Krush/YungB254/BinhLOL
5th Avril/Frodo/Mopreme

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

1st Justin Wong
2nd Crow
3rd Jumpsuit Jesse
4th Alex Ennis
5th AzNhItLeR
5th Mopreme
7th Kingdom
7th Cmutt

Tekken 6

1st Team Shenanigans - AV Kazama/OneThreeFour/JoJo
2nd Crow/Vick/DJ KOR
3rd Vineet/Neo-X/Triforce
4th Mr Naps/Kensou/Kaito
5th Jack/AzNhItLeR/Surf n Destroy
5th Super Nacho/Julia/Ray
5th KenMastersX/DoomScyther/Kelly
5th Phil/Scott/Dizzy